Who is Using Tayga Lights?

Tayga lights are used by people in every walk of life.  Some customers use Tayga Lights for professional purposes, some for safety and some in the pursuit of their favorite outdoor activities.  Whatever the reason is, Tayga lights is your wisest choice.

First Responders and Law Enforcement

We are proud to supply our high quality lights to many local, state and federal agencies including:

  • FBI
  • CBP
  • CHP
  • NHP
  • AHP
  • FPD
  • LVPD
  • LAPD
  • SJPD
  • California Homicide Investigators
  • San Mateo County Sheriffs
  • Arizona Fish and Game
  • US Coast Guard
  • California Dept. of Corrections

Climbers and Hikers

No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, you need a professional flashlight to stay safe and have more fun.  As Reliable, Durable, Powerful and Multi-functional lights, Tayga lights can help you handle any situation on the road.  Take your Tayga lights on your next outdoor adventure!


All Families need good quality lights.  Why spend hundreds dollars on batteries? Why spend hundreds dollars to buy a flashlight? Tayga supplies high quality rechargeable flashlights with totally affordable prices – higher performance with lower cost & less harm to our planet.