The Tayga Warranty

All Tayga flashlights offer a limited lifetime warranty.

The Tayga Warranty covers manufacturing defects. Clips, chargers, cover cases, lanyards, normal wear and tear, damage caused by the consumer, alterations, battery leakage and unauthorized repairs are NOTĀ covered under the warranty.

If you have a warranty claim please call customer service atĀ 888-978-1029.

Products can only be sent to our service center with prior approval and a TYG number that our service center will provide. You will pay all shipping costs to send the light to our service center. Tayga will pay for shipping the product(s) back to you.

The service center is fully authorized to make the determination concerning warranty claims. The Tayga service center decision is final & binding.

All repairs are free of labor charges. Charges will apply to all replacement parts unless a manufacturing defect is detected.

If parts are no longer available for the model of flashlight you have you may purchase a new flashlight at a discounted rate.

Repairs are normally completed in 2 to 3 weeks of receipt as long as parts are available. Some products are sent to our manufacturing facility and may take longer. You will be notified of the timeline.

Regardless of whether your flashlight is repaired or exchanged under the warranty, the customer is responsible for shipping charges when sending the product(s) to our service center. Tayga will pay for return shipping.

Tayga Service Center
PO Box 72729
Las Vegas, NV 89170
Tel : 888-978-1029